1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

HI YES I’M STILL ALIVE winter break is coming on and I want to get back into writing more SO. Give me some warmup ideas!! :D

These could be for Homestuck, Dangan Ronpa, or Free!

Five things to bear in mind when writing Jade Harley


For fanfic and rp, as I’ve done both.

I’ve seen a lot of badly written Jade. She’s hands down my favourite character in Homestuck, so I often search out fic for her. Of the four kids, she definitely has the least amount of fic, and when she is in a fic, it’s often as an offhand mention. And then even if the fic actually focuses on her, she’s mostly not written very well. So here is a list of things that I think people forget about when they write Jade, and which might help people to write her better.

This is not an argument for any ship, but I will be mentioning pairings. And yes, I have my favourites, but I won’t be any kinder to them than the others.

1. Jade Harley is extremely self-reliant.

Hey, remember that scene with Jade and her Grandpa?



I’ve seen a number of people react to this moment with confusion. Why does Jade fight with her dead Grandpa? Was he so horrible to her that even now she hates him?

The answer is no. On the very next page Jade says that he was much easier to deal with when he was alive. What she’s doing here is displacement. Jade’s been alone since she was very young, and while Bec was there to protect her, he wasn’t able to raise her. She had to do that herself. So she started projecting onto her Grandpa. It was probably quite innocent at the beginning. She had to do something she didn’t want to do, and she told herself “If I don’t do this, Grandpa will be disappointed in me.” It became a way of motivating herself, and then turned into an elaborate roleplay, because Jade is fun and creative and enjoys doing that. But at her heart, she’s the one judging herself. She’s the one worrying about the size of her gun.

And notice, Jade is much harsher on herself than her Grandpa ever was. She holds herself to an incredibly high standard.

Jade does some amazingly brave things over the course of Homestuck. She sacrifices herself for John without a second thought. She’s not afraid of dying at all, she just wants to protect the people she loves. She’s also very kind to her friends. Look at her conversation with Rose, just before Rose goes Grimdark. She really tries to reassure Rose that Rose made the best possible choices and that she doesn’t need to feel guilty. Jade is very kind. But she never shows that kindness to herself.

When Jadesprite refuses to fight Jack, Jade explodes. Because her standards for herself are so high, she can’t bear that any version of herself is failing them.

Another thing to think about: Bec shoots people twice with her bullets. He shoots her Grandpa when she’s little, and Bec Noir shoots Dave. In both cases, Jade blames herself. And it would be really easy for her not to do that! She could blame Bec, or Tavros for the first one, or the Jack Noir part of Bec Noir for the second one. But she takes the responsibility on herself, both times. She has really, really high standards for herself.

What does this mean for writing Jade?

Well she doesn’t mind accepting help, but she hates to depend on other people. She expects herself to be competent in every situation. If you’re writing, say, hurt/comfort with Jade, and she’s sick, she’s not going to be curled up in bed, wanting to be waited upon. She’s going to be up working, ignoring the fact that she’s sick. If it’s a shippy fic (and it’s hurt/comfort, so of course it is), her partner will have to drag her to bed and probably tie her down to make her stay there, and she’ll keep insisting that she’s fine.

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I’m just going to stick this on my writing blog as reference uvu this is a really good post!


1) Give me a pairing.

2) Give me an AU setting.

3) I will write you a three-sentence fic.

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I am really itching to write something but I need a push and I mostly need IDEAS, and I don’t want to go to the kinkmeme because I don’t want to fill someone’s prompt with a drabble. Which is what I’m going to write. 

So! If you happen to have a prompt that would suit a minific, send it my way! :D Hopefully I can actually write something. 

Help me with a title!

Heyyyy folks. I’m putting this Nepeta<>Equius fic I just posted up on AO3, but I’m really bad at titles! Can I get some suggestions so I at least have a place to start?

Thanks bunches!!


Wellllll it looks like Dreamworks omfg DREAMWIDTH I’m dumb isn’t working properly right now, so I can’t post this to the kinkmeme where it was prompted. But someone was feeling down, and wanted something fluffy and cute—one of the suggestions was meowrails so OF COURSE I LEAPED ON THAT OPPORTUNITY. 

So here! Have a thing uvu

You’ve smashed your last robot and emerged victorious.


This would be fantastic if when you broke it it hadn’t somehow caught your hair.

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(oh no now I can’t stop. Continuation of this

When you get to the house Jade goes to hug you and changes her mind. There’s no hot water left but at least there’s something, and she gets you a change of clothes while you scrub off several layers of skin. John doesn’t stay to talk.

"Dave, what happened?" is the first thing she wants to know when he’s gone. "Did you two fight?"

You try not to sound too bitter when you say, “I guess we’re not talking about it.” When she persists you say, “I’m really fucking stupid. That’s really all there is to say on the matter.” 

the girl i used to rp with years and years ago challenged me to do these 100-word drabbles. it was a challenge kind of like poetry because you have to express some sort of meaning in so few words! so i would like to request a 100-word drabble of the johndave variety :')

OH WHAT FUN! Thanks for this prompt :D This is exciting. 

Okay it took a few tries to write this but HERE. 

John manuvers the helicopter around the roof, shoving some of the zombies off entirely and pushing the rest back enough to let you regain your balance. You’re covered in blood and sweat and you smell like death, but he hardly complains as he drops a rope ladder and you climb in.

"Sorry for the wait," he says through his headset. You didn’t know it was possible to feel so relieved and so hurt to see him all at once. "We need to find fuel somewhere."

He doesn’t mention your last conversation. You wonder how much he hates you for that.

Yeah uh. 

This 750 words a day thing isn’t really working out so well. 


I made a banner. I think it&#8217;s glorious. You are not allowed to tell me otherwise. 
Anyway, this will now be at the top of any 30 Day OTP Challenge minifics, so they will be more easily recognizable! I&#8217;m also going to go back and put them at the tops of the others just for consistency&#8217;s sake. 

I made a banner. I think it’s glorious. You are not allowed to tell me otherwise. 

Anyway, this will now be at the top of any 30 Day OTP Challenge minifics, so they will be more easily recognizable! I’m also going to go back and put them at the tops of the others just for consistency’s sake.